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At East West MMA Coram - Selden, our Mixed Martial Arts classes offer a TOTAL and WELL ROUNDED MMA TRAINING SYSTEM

Don’t wait! Become the BOLDEST of personalities, the STRONGEST of the strong, and the FITTEST of the fit – today – not next week or next year – call today to find your most advantageous self!

MMA concentrates on your ability to use leverage and superior body positioning. The beauty of MMA which has made it such a powerful program is that will learn to control your opponent on the ground, regardless of their size and/or strength. Methods can make a smaller or weaker person able to defend him or herself against a much larger attacker. Don't ever feel vulnerable again. Most confrontations end in a clinch and on the ground – did you know that? MMA has the reputation as the most effective self-defense system in the world!

Do what’s best for YOU. If Law Enforcement agencies and Military Branches such as the NAVY SEALS, ARMY RANGERS and the CIA have all adopted MMA as their choice of hand-to-hand combat; isn’t that what you need to adopt?

Thugs will not get the best of you! Learn the techniques used to defend against the most common street attacks. Furthermore, defend yourself against ordinary chokes, grabs, punches, kicks, bear hugs and head locks, as well as weapons such as guns, knives and sticks.

Can you imagine what TOTAL CONFIDENCE feels like?

HARDCORE SELF-DEFENSE TACTICS - Armed our MMA Training Program your real-world defensive tactics will be unstoppable. Each tactic is designed to quickly develop your ability to protect yourself and your loved ones.

OUTRAGIOUSLY EFFECTIVE STRIKING SKILLS - Delving into our Kickboxing program will bring optimized striking skills (punching, kicking, knees, elbows) into your personal repertoire to the highest-level possible. Using the art that most of the UFC Fighters trust, you will win all of your battles, just like they do.

METICULOUS GRAPPLING TECHNIQUES - Finally, for energized refinement and cleverness, add the Submission Grappling and MMA Program to your training program. Anyone getting you to the ground will be sorry; develop your ground game for either self-defense or for competition. Practical arts will help you in the same type of arenas as UFC Fighters frequently gather.

Scrutinizing the Planet - We Hired the Finest Staff!

A bargain is when you get what you paid for and a whole lot more. That is what people tell us about our staff. They expected well-trained professionals, but these committed adults go far beyond their job description and the expectation of the students. The feedback we hear is closer to disbelief. Students cannot say enough about what a dedicated staff we have at East West MMA Coram - Selden. Have the peace of mind that everything is being introduced safely and properly. You can learn quickly, get into great shape and avoid injuries.

There is also a group camaraderie that develops as students help to encourage each other. Growth on the emotional level often develops an indomitable spirit. That inner glow assists our students to achieve more in the classroom, the workplace, and in their social circles as well!

You have our word - Absolutely NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! Our singular staff will develop a program plan, and schedule that works best for you.

Trade time on a couch for a physical, mental, and emotional re-awakening. Transition into the person you always wanted to be. At East West MMA Coram - Selden, our supportive instructors will become equally committed to you reaching your goals. Our martial arts expertise and your desire will combine for positive changes. Our experience and knowledge in physical fitness and your vision will make a new reality. We have helped students become champions as well as slim down and/or muscle out.

Call TODAY at 631-561-9604

East West Mixed Martial Arts Long Island, 3663 New York 112, Coram - Selden, NY 11727, Long Island NY 11784 / 631-561-9604
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